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From January  26, 2015 - March 23, 2015, drop in indoor practice will be at the Worthington Recreation Center  (South Gym), Mondays 10-11am, free. Days and hours subject to change - Note: 2/16/15 will be from 1-2pm). Starting Thursday, April 2 through April 28, 2015 free, drop in outdoor practice at McCord Park in Worthington will run each Tuesday and Thursday 10am-noon.


The Central Ohio Senior Softball Association (COSSA) is comprised of four senior softball leagues. Its first priority is to provide an atmosphere of recreation and enjoyment of the game of softball for Senior players of all levels of athletic skill. There are 60+, 65+, 70+  and 75+ age group leagues.  Approximately 450 men from Central Ohio participate in the program and the number is growing at a satisfactory rate. Players are drawn from as far as Marion, Mt.Vernon, Springfield, London, Chillicothe, Newark and Logan.



The 60's league has a total of twelve teams divided into 2 six team divisions: the Scarlet Division is competitive, the Grey Division is for more recreational play.  Formed in 1989, it is the oldest league in COSSA.  The league plays its games at  Lou Berliner Park on Greenlawn Avenue in Columbus on Monday and Wednesday evenings. For more information contact Walt Fike, phone 614.937.8006 or New Player Contact Rick Sedlacek at 614.348.3992


The 65's league is a Friday morning league and plays all of its games at McCord Park in Worthington.  It is comprised of 4 teams,  and plays a double header once a week on Friday morning. The league and teams have the serious player as well as the casual. For more information contact Randy French at rfrench4@insight.rr.com or cell phone: 614.205.2640


The 70's league plays its games at McCord Park in Worthington.  It is comprised of 7 teams,  and plays on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The leagues and teams have serious players as well as the casual. For more information contact Pete Stanford at 614.798.9273, email phlstanford@yahoo.com or Frank Clements at email clembows@yahoo.com, phone 614.235.5676


The 75's league is a Tuesday/Thursday  morning league and plays its games at McCord Park in Worthington.  It is comprised of 4 teams. They constantly encourage senior men to join the teams.  Central Ohio is fortunate indeed to have more than one hundred men over seventy, some as old as 88, still active and playing softball. For more information contact John Weekley at 614.846.4302 or email drw469@yahoo.com